2016-2017 Executive Board Candidates Announced

Hunter Warren, Reporter

On Thursday, March 31, the names of the students who will be on the ballot for the 2016-2017 school year executive board were announced. The executive board includes the roles of Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The election is an annual event, and the term of office is one calendar year.

Two candidates are running for Student Body President: Lily Reavis (11) and Bailey Eichers (11). Reavis has been in Student Council for two years, while Eichers has been in the council for one year.

Eichers said that she wants to, “Strengthen the connection between admin and the student body, and student council.” She also said that she wants to bring the student body and student council closer together.

One of Reavis’ main focuses is student voice. She has several ideas on how to make students’ voices better heard, which she will explain during her speech. She also said that she wants to, “Create more of an outreach, and more opportunities that are available to students within the Manitou community.” She said that her main goals were the ability to provide a farther-reaching voice for the student body, and for the student body to feel like Manitou Springs High School is their school. “They should be able to make it what they want it to be,” she said.

Two candidates are also running for Student Body Vice President, Carli Nanfito (11) and Mo Heiniger (11). Heiniger moved to Manitou Springs High School during her sophomore year, when she joined student council. Nanfito has been in student council since her freshman year.

Heiniger said, “I want to increase spirit and a better attitude towards events, and really make it so people want to be at school.”

Her competition, Nanfito, says that her plans are, “Getting kids excited about school through events that we do.” She would like to impact the student body by having them, “Remember all of the little things that I do that either made them smile or feel a little bit better about themselves.”

For the position of Student Body Treasurer, Maddie Dayhoff (11) and Andrea Edwards (11) are going head to head.

Edwards has been class treasurer for two years in a row now, both her sophomore and junior year. This means that she has experience in counting money, which can be tricky, and using it wisely. Edwards says that she plans, “To make sure that the money that we do have is spent effectively, especially because we are a small school, so we don’t get a lot of outside funding.”

Her competitor, Maddie, told me that, “it is a really huge honor but it’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of the executive board.” She thinks that, “not only raise money, but to spend it wisely and I believe I have the correct input to do so.” Another thing that she told me is that she wants to, “use student councils money to suggest ideas of like, if we spend this money on a new such and such, there is a chance that its going to generate more revenue that we can spend on other clubs or making the school better.”

Amelia McKenzie (11) is the only candidate running for Student Body Secretary, which makes her job easy. She believes that Secretary matches her abilities the best out of all the executive board positions. She’s been involved in advertising in student council in previous years, and she would like to be a role model for her peers.

The executive board candidates will address the student body on Wednesday, April 20. Voting will take place from April 20 to April 22, and the new executive board will be announced on April 22.



Editors Note: This story has been changed since its original publishing.