“SnowBall” Brings Change to Annual Winter Dance

SnowBall Brings Change to Annual Winter Dance

Amelia Mckenzie, Guest Writer

Over the past few years, the student council has organized a winter dance for the students in a similar fashion year and year again. Expectations for what the dance ends up like are built from the consistency we have seen thus far; however, the “Snowball” this year will break the pattern.

This year, VIP and After-Party have been done away with, and other activities will be introduced. Not all students stay on the dance floor for the entire duration of the event and seek out a place to just sit and hang out with friends. To make accommodations, the dance will be held in the commons while activity rooms will be available in the world language hallway. The rooms may include a movie room and a coloring and/or reading room in addition to an outdoor area. The student body will be surveyed to decide further details such as the formality of the dance and dress-up days.