New Astronomy Club Hosts Stargazing Event

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

The Astronomy Club hosted their first event on Thursday, November 12th. The club worked for approximately two weeks learning about the topics they would be presenting.

Although Astronomy Club was only created in September, they are already comfortable with their telescopes and knowledge of astronomy.

When the club was created, the students focused more on astronomy as a whole, now they have moved into certain subgroups within it. Soon they will move onto seeing the skies in different seasons of the year.

The high school track held three groups with a certain topic they would teach the parents and students at the event.

Surrounded by red glowsticks to indicate where the people would travel, the groups of students talked about constellations, galaxies and various other astronomy-related subjects.

With a low of 23 degrees, the students and parents were unprepared, and regretted not bringing enough layers. Hot chocolate was provided to warm the few guests.

At one point during the evening, a large shooting star entertained the groups of people at the stations.

The telescopes were funded by a grant. Laurie Wood, who has always played a role in this community, helped the club get a hold of the money for telescopes and other astronomy-related gear.

The new telescopes are computerized, so instead of messing with a telescope for a large amount of time, the new ones can simply locate objects in the sky.

Astronomy Club will be hosting another event within the year, they hope to have upwards of three events this year.

Though the turnout was low, and the event ended thirty minutes earlier than intended, the event was a success. It truly was a night under the stars.

It is not too late to join Astronomy Club. They meet about every two weeks, when the weather is favorable. Contact Mr.Barger, the club advisor, for more information.