Language Night Pulls Large Crowd


Ehrin Aycock (11) listens intently to Krona Emmanuel (11), who presents on Pakistan.

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

Language Night, on Wednesday November 4th, drew a large crowd.

The parking lot, filled to the brim, exiled parents and students to park on the hill in front of the school. By seven o’clock most of the lock was empty, by the end of the gathering only a few cars were left.

Outside, parked in front of the Shared Integrated Learning Center (SILC) building, three food trucks spent the evening handing out food. Johnny G’s Delicious, Imbiss and Heavenly Dessert drew in a small crowd.

Inside the gym, tables were set up in rows, with a large space in the middle for the performances.

Parents, hungry for a place to sit down and rest filtered into the commons to converse at the hardly populated tables.

Each class had to present a few songs within their language class. Parents sat on the bleachers and the classes sang towards them.

By the time the french class had to sing their songs half of the crowds had already trickled out, and the room was much quieter than it had been for the rest of the groups. Mr.Batson had a cleverly hard time to shush the room so his German class could perform a quiet song.

Along with the language classes were students from the elementary, mostly dancing along with the songs.

“I kinda wish I had made food because I think my project is so out there and so different people are scared to come see what it is,” Jensen Delius (10) said. Her project for French One focuses on women’s civil rights in Tunisia

Judges wandered, peeking at the students food dishes and asking questions about the projects.

Each class was graded with a rubric. They needed to write a paper, have a poster or video and have a presentation.

Maya Alexander (9) presented on Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico. This year she takes on Spanish one with Mr. Batson. “I like trying the food,” Said Alexander.

Tired of standing and presenting, students were impatiently waiting for the end so they could all go home. Soon, the room was cleared out, and the students departed.

Katie Robbins (9) and Molly Arndt (9) are the winners for best of show. For trifold, Hailey Clark (10) and Gabe Draxton (12) won. Emily Dolloff-Holt (11) dominated craft. Anne Musekamp (12), who performed a song, was rewarded. Emma Myer (12), Sam White (12) and Kieran Lynch (11) had the best food, Mia Elliot (12) and Po Hean (10) had  a wonderful use of technology and Isaac Green (12) and Cassie Lancaster (11) were, by far, most engaging.