Music Review: Bad Suns, Transpose (Remixes)


Avery Norwood, Reporter

“Transpose” is Bad Suns’ most recently-released album. It was released on August 7, 2015. Although there are just two songs on the album, “Transpose (Embody Remix)”, and “Transpose (Leo Kalyan Remix)”, the songs are very well thought-out. The band has played multiple times at Colorado Springs local venue, The Black Sheep.

When Bad Suns came out with their most recent album, I knew I loved it. The way they sing is very simple and easy to understand.

Christo Bowman, Ray Libby, Miles Morris, and Gavin Bennett make up the three-member alternative rock/indie rock band. The band is inspired by music from the ’70s and ’80s. This is the inspiration they use to create their sound.

The band was first formed in 2012. Most of the members are from Los Angeles, California. They have been signed to Vagrant Records, where they released their debut album, “Language and Perspective”.

Some of vocalist Bowman’s favorite bands are The Cure and Elvis Costello, which he uses as inspiration to write his own music. Bowman says, “Though we can now reflect on that era of music, those artist were ahead of their time in a lot of ways. That’s what’s most inspiring.”

Because our time literally recycles, this was one of the best times for Bad Suns to release Transpose. It reflects the era of time that our fashion and music is, “in”.