Mustangs Triumph Over Huskies in Homecoming Thriller

Sita Ahlen, Senior Reporter

This past Friday, October 9, the Manitou Springs Mustangs won their first football game of the season against the Florence Huskies. It was a tight game that kept the crowd, which was larger than usual since it was the Homecoming game, shouting and standing nearly the entire game.

Overall, the Huskies have better records and ranking, but not by much. Manitou was able to beat them 27-20.

In the first few minutes of the game, the Mustangs had already gotten a touchdown, and by the end, the team had won the game.

In the third quarter, Manitou was up by seven against Florence, and with no points earned in the fourth quarter, the numbers stuck.

Sophomore quarterback, Cole Sienknecht, scored four touchdowns, two on his feet and two passes, which inevitably helped the Mustangs win the game. The young quarterback ran a 52 yard run in the first quarter, and a 13 yard run in the second. He also made a pass to Riley Manzo (12) at the end of the third quarter.

A highlight of the game was the deer that wandered onto the field and ended up being chased off by Michael Hagan and Rachael Cramer (12).

Since the beginning of the season, the prospect of winning has been looking bleak for the team. It seems as though homecoming and the large crowd inspired the team and pushed them toward their first win of the season.