First Dress Up Day Flips Everyone Inside Out

Bailey Visscher-Nickerson, Reporter

Yesterday marked the kickoff the 2015 Homecoming Week at MSHS. It was the very first dress-up day of the year.

The idea of “Inside Out/2015 Day” came from a scene in the movie, “Back to the Future.” In this scene, Marty McFly is wearing all of his clothes inside out because he has travelled to the future and that is how everyone is dressed.

This simple dress-up day reeled in a lot of participants, including a few teachers and staff members. There was a huge turnout of student participation as well.

Inside out jeans, shirts, dresses, and even hats were seen throughout the day.

The upcoming dress-up days are 80s Day, Wild Wild West Day, Class Color/Toga Day, and Green and Gold day on Friday.

Don’t forget about this week’s homecoming events! The Pre-Bonfire and Bonfire are Thursday night starting at 7 pm, and Friday is the assembly, parade, tailgate, and football game!