“Who We Are” Assembly

Bailey Visscher-Nickerson, Reporter

The “Who We Are” Assembly has been a beginning of the year tradition here at MSHS for about 4 years now. The point of this assembly is to show the students, freshmen especially, that high school isn’t such a bad place and that Manitou is a fun and welcoming environment. Usually it also showcases the schools clubs and activities. Student Council wanted to show the student body “Who We Are” and why Manitou has so much love for our school community.
This year, Student Body Vice President Kelsey Hartwig had the pleasure of chairing the assembly. “I’m vice president so it’s kind of my job to get involved with assemblies, but I also wanted to chair it because I love the spirit of it and I just really wanted to. I thought I could make it more worth while this year,” she explained.
This year, the assembly was a little more short and sweet because of the new Club Fair Carnival. Typically, there is something in the assembly that informs students of the current dress code. This year that wasn’t a part of the assembly for two reasons. Number one, our dress code is currently being updated and revised, so there was no solid way to present the official dress code. Number two, the entertainment. Each year, Ms. Wendy raps the dress code in front of the student body and gives examples of what is appropriate in school and what is not. This year, she was unable to do so simply because it was not approved by administration.
Though the assembly was simpler this year, there is no doubt that the Twizzler Obstacle Course was entertaining. Kelsey stated, “Last year I was at the Colorado Springs Student Council Conference and they did something very similar to the obstacle course. I thought it would be a good way to get the crowd involved by taking two representatives from each class. I also thought that it would be a good way to get students to put themselves out there for a change. I really hope that the students can feel a sense of family or community after the assembly and that it really enhanced the spirit of the school. I want them to bleed green and gold.” Overall, Kelsey felt that this was a successful event that really demonstrated who we are as a school, while grabbing attention and ending the first week of school.