STUCO elects new executive board for 2015/2016 school year

Elizabeth Anderson, Writer

Sophia Ives(11), Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln(11), Mahalia Henschel(11), Kelsey Hartwig(11).

Papers lined the halls these last three weeks advertising potential future STUCO leaders. During the weekly video announcements, commercials played with reasons why the candidates should be voted for. During the assembly on April 15, the candidates presented the student body with speeches on why they should be elected to an executive position.

Voting began shortly after the speeches on Wednesday, April 15 and closed Friday, April 17. Candidates nervously awaited the call from Mrs. Stoneback, who would report who got what position. The candidates were: Sophie Kilroy and Mahalia Henschel for president; Kelsey Hartwig and Lily Reavis for vice president; Sophia Ives and Ryan Murdock for secretary; and Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln and Elizabeth Hawkes for treasurer.

“Seeing what other councils are doing and the impact they have inspired me to run,” said junior Mahalia Henschel, who won the election for 2015-2016 student body president. Henschel’s plan for next school year is to provide the student body with bigger and better events (especially assemblies), have green machine cover more events, increase school spirit, and create more communication between clubs for the betterment of Manitou.

“I’m all about including the student body in what we do and I feel like with this past blacklight assembly we tried to include the audience by painting war paint on the court before they battled and also gave them dodge balls and toilet paper to throw, and I wanted to give it more inclusive for the student body. I’m asking the student body what they want instead of the cheesy games we would normally play,” Kelsey Hartwig said. Hartwig was elected to 2015-2016 Vice President.

The new executive members of STUCO are:

President: Mahalia Henschel

Vice President: Kelsey Hartwig

Secretary: Sophia Ives

Treasurer: Vivienne Kreidel-Lincoln