Theatre Department Hosts Manitou’s First Coffee Shop

Aubrey Hall, Reporter

On Friday, October 24th, following the last day of midterms, Manitou’s Theatre Department hosted a “coffee shop” in the high school media center. It was complete with coffee, treats, and live entertainment for the attendees. The event was hosted by Hannah Kimmett (11) and Hunter Buck (12).

Various improvisation games were played on the media center stage by Manitou’s drama and improv clubs, including “Lawyer” and “The Dating Game”, that proved to be quite entertaining to onlookers. Additionally, Hunter Buck had directed several short scenes that were performed: the first being a brief dialogue between two sisters, played by Alison Lanning (9) and Ellie Triplett (10), and the second being a short dramatic scene set on a golf course, featuring Deven Gates (9), Cheyenne Rhine (10), and Bennett Cross (11). Samantha Bishop performed a comedic monologue. Afterward, Isabel Dufford (12), representing the slam poetry group, performed a reading of her poem, “I am a Feminist.”

Live music was performed by Manitou’s own “Bottom Line,” a band whose members include Hunter Bogush (11), Hadyn French (9), Sawyer Schroeder (9), Koan French (11), and temporary bassist Isaac Green (11).