First Assembly

Sita Ahlen

Manitou Springs High School students gathered together on Friday, August 29 to observe the annual beginning of the year assembly ritual. As students packed the stands awaiting the fun that would follow, Student Body President Carter Sandras (12) started off the assembly with a game of jeopardy. Calling up two students from each grade level, he asked them the questions about the different clubs and activities at the school. The winning class got candy and two free passes to any school event.

The fun didn’t stop there, though. When Ms. Wendy walked out bearing a microphone, hat, and long necklaces, the school dress code rap began. Following Ms. Wendy was Mr.Hilt, styling short-shorts and a wonderful yellow belly-shirt, and Mrs. Stonebeck wearing short-shorts and a white crop top. But of course, that wasn’t it, the grand finale being Mr. Brown, who had donned low pants and an inappropriate shirt stating “Shooting and Drinking”, along with our very own Mrs. Johnson wearing the dreaded spaghetti straps.

The assembly ended with a quick game with the new teachers, explaining their hobby. But there’s something they don’t know; it was a pretext for their first kiss. As the teachers answered questions, the stands erupted with laughter.