Book of the month – April: Daisy Jones and The Six


Amazon Prime recently released a series based off of the book “Daisy Jones and The Six”. It has been well received.

Katelyn Fonkert, Senior Reporter

“Daisy Jones and The Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid was an amazing read. The dynamic of the band, the music, the party scene, it was all intriguing and it sucks you into the story and the life of the late 70’s.

“Daisy Jones and The Six”, Follows the band The Six (Billy Dunne, Graham Dunne, Karen Sirko, Warren Rhodes, Pete Loving, Eddie Loving) and a young singer, Daisy Jones. From the beginning of the band and the start of their career to Daisy joining for their album Aurora, and eventually their breakup in the middle of their Aurora world tour. This book takes you through all the ups and downs, laughter and fights, the joy and anger. This book truly is a rollercoaster, especially since you get to read each band member’s point of view of one moment. 

The interesting thing about having each band member’s point of view is how you can be reading about one moment between the band but everyone views and thinks of the situation differently. An example of this is with Billy and the rest of the band, Billy thinks he’s this great guy doing everyone a favor and acting like he’s the best, but the rest of the band just finds him to be controlling and egotistical. Along with that When Daisy Joined the band she and Billy thought  they got along well, but the rest of the band said that they fought all the time. I thought that this was really interesting to see how differently the band members viewed themselves and each other throughout the entirety of the book.

One thing that really stuck out to me in this book was the writing style Reid used. She formatted it as quotes from interviews of the band members, it’s written in the journalistic style which is not normal for novels. I was surprised by this since I’ve never seen it before, but I really liked that it was written this way because it was different and made you feel connected to the characters as if you knew them. It felt like I was there listening to them as they were telling me their memories like a friend would. While I really liked this writing style, it can be confusing or distracting to some as this isn’t common in novels.

Overall I thought this book was amazing and I think others should definitely read it, but if you’re not much of a reader the tv show adaptation just came out recently on Amazon Prime.

Trigger Warnings: drug use, drug abuse, addiction

5/5 read