Mustang Basketball to donate Friday’s door fees

All proceeds will go to Erik Melgoza’s daughter

The basketball game theme will be Ties to honor Erik Melgoza because he wore ties everyday.

Coutesy of Melgoza family

The basketball game theme will be “Ties” to honor Erik Melgoza because he wore ties everyday.

Makenzi VerVaecke, Senior Reporter

On Jan. 4 news came out of the passing of Alamosa High School’s athletic director and girls basketball coach, Erik Melgoza. 

Melgoza’s passing spurred athletic programs in the Tri Peaks League to create a fundraiser for Melgoza’s daughter. “Tri Peaks League has decided to donate the gate funds for Friday’s games to his daughter’s college fund. She’s 16 years old. She’s also on the team and was coached by her father,” MSHS girls basketball coach Juliana Argyle said. 

Each team in the Tri Peaks League has decided to be a part of this fundraiser. “So as the Tri Peaks League, we decided to pick a game on our schedule; and we would donate those proceeds to her college fund. So that is what we will be doing for our Salida game on Friday,” Argyle said. 

Friday night’s game will also be a double header and the boys basketball teams gate funds will also be donated. 

Senior Kaleena Jones is hoping to get as much participation out of the student body and Manitou community to help this fund.  “Participation is important. We want to help in such a tragic situation and we need everyone to do so,” Jones said. 

The girls basketball team is supporting Alamosa’s team in any way they can according to Argyle. “We’re very sorry to hear of the tragedy and we want to be as supportive as we can as a basketball team to their basketball team, I can’t imagine continuing a season on without your head coach and father,” Argyle said,“so we wish them the best of luck with the rest of their season.”