Signing off for the year

Jalen Lindh, Reporter

It’s the end of the year, once again, and what a year it has been. Everyone, as a whole, has endured so much. From worrying about bills, and taxes, to stressing about getting missing assignments in on time for full credit. But It’s that time of year. The Christmas time of year. Finally everyone’s ready to relax. With the vaccine for COVID coming closer and closer, to kids not having to worry about school, it’s the time to celebrate. It’s Christmas, so why not celebrate with some excellent Christmas movies. Here’s a few that might perk interest.

Any fans of Bill Murray? If that’s the case then here’s a Christmas movie that’s worth some attention. Scrooged. Most already know the classic story, but this movie will put a relative spin on it.Frank Cross runs a U.S. television station Frank Cross runs a U.S. television station which is planning a live adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Frank’s childhood wasn’t particularly pleasant, and so he doesn’t really appreciate the Christmas spirit. With the help of the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, Frank realizes he must change. It’s a film that will help people realize that they can be better than what people say you are. Next up is an under-appreciated film that deserves much more attention then it gets. The film is named The Polar Express. Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Or does he? For one boy, who doubts his existence, he gets to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Late on Christmas Eve night, he lies in bed hoping to hear the sound of Santa’s sleigh. But instead, he gets the surprise of hearing a steam engine instead. He steps outside to see a magical train in front of his yard, stretching down the neighborhood. The Conductor invites him on board to experience the magic of The Polar Express. A truly all inspiring film filled with fun and adventurous scenes. It’ll keep ya enjoyed till the end. The last movie on today’s list, is quite a classic actually. Made by Steven Speilberg himself, is the thrilling movie known as, Gremlins. When a teenage boy, Bill Peltzer, is given a gift, a creature, known as a Mogwai, he is unaware of how troublesome it’ll come to prove. The responsibility of taking care of this creature is held high. Three rules that must never be broken. One, keep him away from sunlight, it’ll kill him. Two, never get him wet, and rule number three, don’t ever, ever, feed him after midnight. When the second rule gets broken, everything will start to go downhill for Billy there. Can him and Gizmo stop the Gremlins from ruining Christmas, or will they fail? A true classic that’s worth revisiting this holiday.

With that said, the staff at The Prospector hope that each and every member of Manitou Springs High School has a wonderful vacation. Merry Christmas, and we can’t wait to see you in the new year.