A Grinch approved Christmas


Colt Henricks, Reporter

Christmas movie season is upon us, and there is yet another new version of Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch, this one a musical starring Glee’s Matthew Morrison, aired on NBC.  The reviews were terrible.  So, instead of subjecting myself to what @jessyoderbeck described as “12 minutes in and genuinely wondering if this is what being on LSD feels like,” on Twitter, over the weekend I rewatched all three of the original festive movies. Here is my opinion on which one I believe is the best.

The first film I watched was the very first Grinch movie produced and animated in 1966. This movie is very family and child friendly, presenting everyone’s favorite classical Christmas movie. It is colorful as a production. The next Grinch film adaptation I watched was How the Grinch stole Christmas produced in 2000.  This movie, directed by Ron Howard, goes in depth to why the Grinch actually hates Christmas joy and other people. In the film the idea of him being bullied by other kids as a young boy is the most prevalent idea presented and sets up most of the basis for the film. When looking at the live action aspect of the movie, I believe that while it is a great movie for the family, young kids could certainly get a fright looking at Grinch and the other characters from the fantasy world of WhoVille as the Christmas spirit gets lit above. The last Grinch movie I watched instead of working on final related activities was the very recently animated version produced in 2018. This version of the Grinch is very kid friendly and offers a very in-depth story about the rising of the Grinch. It is set in a  wonderfully ecstatic atmosphere with the cheery music and festive lights. To top it all off, the voice actor of the Grinch here is Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Which one is the best in my opinion? 

In my personal opinion the 2000 adaptation How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the best. The live action scenes and the cheery fun from the town of Whoville makes this a great movie for kids and adults. I am also very much a fan because the Grinch himself looks scarier giving him more depth,  and I feel it is easier to visualize what he is thinking in his head during the Christmas season. While it is hard to say which adaptation of The Grinch is the best, no matter which one you decide to watch, it will be a joyful experience that will leave you with several laughs and a classic addition to your holiday plans.