New NHS Inductees Receive Surprise Visits


Courtesy of Sierra Dooley

Macey LaSarre (11) receives her acceptance into National Honor Society from Sierra Dooley (12) and Sofi Cirko (12).

Jack Embery, Flor Breuer, and Eliana Dutil

Hannah Drum (10) receives her NHS acceptance! (Courtesy of Sierra Dooley)

On Friday, November 20th, seventeen Manitou Springs High School students received a surprise visit from members of the school’s National Honor Society informing them that they had gotten accepted. Sierra Dooley (12) and Sofi Cirko (12) drove the acceptance letters to new NHS members’ homes, where they took celebratory photos for the virtual Induction Ceremony.

“It was such a surprise when some NHS seniors showed up to my house…they came in with posters and a balloon and handed me my letter,” inductee Macey LaSarre (11) said.  Current NHS members believed it was important for students to still receive the hand delivered note that they deserved because of their hard work and achievements. There were many different reactions from students about receiving their letter in person. Lairden Rogge said, “It was pretty strange to have them come to my house because I wasn’t expecting it.” However, Madrid Mack had a different reaction: “It was such a cool experience having NHS upperclassmen members hand deliver my acceptance letter!”

Anton Akse (11) receives his acceptance into NHS. (Courtesy of Sierra Dooley)

Many students had different reasons for applying to the National Honor Society.  For Payten Smith,  “The main reason I joined is because it’s my dream to go to the University of North Carolina or Florida State University and being a member of NHS boosts my chances.” According to Macey LaSarre, her reasoning for joining the National Honor Society was because she had the opportunity to do so. “When I saw that I was qualified to join NHS, I immediately knew I wanted to do it.”NHS adviser, Mrs. Kerrigan said, “Sierra and Sofi’s delivery of NHS Acceptance Letters was a success. Parents were incredibly excited when I contacted them for permission, and the joy on the faces of new members was priceless.”

Henry White (11) receives his acceptance letter. (Courtesy of Sierra Dooley)

NEW 2020 NHS Members

Anton Akse

Atticus Baker

Cian Melker

Elanor Fugate

Ella Vaillancourt

Elsa Lowe

Gideon Aigner

Hannah Drum

Henry White

Isabella Coscetti (transfer)

Jason Sellers

Kylie Matas

Lairden Rogge

Macey LaSarre

Madrid Mack

Payten Smith

Stuart Myers

Weatherly Hall