We Dig the Senior Lady Mustangs: Senior Night

Ashlyn Thomson, Copy Editor

On Oct. 31, Halloween night, family, friends and supporters of the Manitou volleyball team came together to celebrate seniors Sara Welsch and captains Maddie Kelly and Teagan Nevada as they played their final home game as Lady Mustangs along with their senior manager, Breanna Falton. All seniors played and managed with heart and mixed emotions, “Before the game I was hit with a wave of unexpected nerves,” Nevada said. All girls on the team, including Avah Armour (9), saw the seniors as role models to the team. Armour said, “ They were very encouraging and had a lot of wisdom about the game. They always had good things to say.” These seniors were recognized for all their hard work, determination and leadership at Senior Night.

Parents and family members of these seniors were filled with pride and happiness as they watched their daughters receive recognition for all of their hard work. Parents walked their daughters down the court, where the girls were gifted with flowers and other small goodies from their teammates. The players then gave their head coach, Jane Squires, a hug and thanked her for everything she had done for them. The girls and their parents were applauded by underclassmen, families and people in the crowd.

“Senior night is something I will always cherish and remember,” said Falton, “It was overall amazing. I felt emotional knowing that this would be one of the last nights that I would be with the team. I am glad that I was able to manage [the team] and watch these girls grow into the strong team that they are. I am excited to see how far they go next year.”

With players close to tears, they still had a game to play, “Everyone was in good spirits and we played our best,” Welsch said. The Mustangs faced La Junta and came short on the win, but, all seniors still greatly appreciated the night they had. “Although we didn’t win, I was happy with how much the team progressed over the season,” said Nevada, “We learned a lot about each other and what it means to be a teammate.” Kelly believed the Lady Mustangs put up a good fight throughout their game and said, “We came together as a team and fought hard. I’m also glad I have those last memories to take with me. Some of the memories I made with this team I will never forget.”

Kelly, Nevada and Welsch lead and give advice to all other players on the team. Grace Allen (9) held on to the advice that seniors, such as Kelly, gave to her: “Enjoy your time here while you can because soon it will be over.” Allen said, “All this advice made me really think and prepare myself for my next three years of high school sports and friendships. It really opened things up for me.”

With the seniors graduating and moving on to college, many of them have made big decisions on what they want to achieve. Nevada, although unsure about her decision, has been accepted to an art school in Michigan. She plans on going into a field in art or construction. Kelly plans on attending a college in Colorado and studying psychology. Kelly said, “I am sad that is it all over but I’m very excited and relieved to move on to make newer and bigger steps in my life.” As for Falton, she has taken the courageous decision to join the Army National Guard as a Military Police officer and go to PPCC for athletic training. Welsch has gotten the opportunity to continue her love for volleyball in college. She will be playing for Sterling College in Kansas and will be studying mathematics and education with the hope of becoming a teacher.

Hard work, time and effort was put forth in each and every moment of the games and practices. As it all comes to an end, the seniors bring their years of high school volleyball to an end and are ready to move on to new things. Every senior on this team believes that volleyball had taught them about who they really are. Volleyball impacted all of their lives greatly and will live on with them forever, “The memories we make today are the ones we look back on in the future,” Nevada said.