Recognizing Manitou’s Creativity


This captivating gallery is located in the Manitou Springs SILC school administration office.

Sammi Clapham, Junior Reporter

Manitou Springs, a small town that has been loved for many generations by tourists, locals, visitors, workers and students, gives a warm, unique and homey vibe. In my point of view, art is one of the most recognizable things that makes Manitou, well, Manitou! From surreal sculptures to beautiful paintings and drawings, and possibly many other different things, Manitou is one of the places to go to be reminded of how art can bring a community together in a very amazing way.

There is one place that holds many captivating paintings on its walls. That place is in the administration office of the Manitou Springs School District’s (MSSD) SILC building, located near both Manitou Springs High School and Middle School. “The gallery located in the SILC is almost like a miniature art museum for those to see,” said Matt Rogge, a well-known and loved substitute teacher and member of the MSSD community. That one office holds very special pieces that have been on display for a little over a decade. This art is both old and new, created and shared by a variety of outstanding Manitou artists who are of different ages. 

The point of this writing is to remind those of Manitou that art is a most definite and beyond amazing way to bring the community together. By using a display of art for many to see, not only locals but also newcomers and tourists can explore Manitou’s personality. From my personal perspective, it should be encouraged for art, especially in the Manitou community, to be recognized, celebrated and well known for its powerful being.