New Year, New Experiences

Allie Robbins, Photo Editor

Just like that, summer ends and school begins. On August 23rd, seniors started their year by enjoying Senior Sunrise at 5:50 am. It is a tradition for seniors to begin their last year of high school by watching the sunrise and later in the year, they will return when the sun sets on their last day of school. After the sun had risen, Student Council welcomed everyone back from their summer break with bubbles, music and big smiles.

Seniors are only a week into the school year and are constantly asked what their future looks like. From college plans to gap years to going straight into the job force, seniors have a lot on their minds. “I really want to travel but I don’t know what my plans are after high school,” said Jez Sommers (12). Even though there is a lot to think about, seniors still find time to have fun. “My friends and I are trying our best to make time or each other before we all go our own ways,” said Sommers. Senior year is said to be the most fun and many seniors would say being on top feels “empowering” but being a senior still comes with lots of responsibilities. Sommers said that he has “to be responsible for providing myself with things my mother won’t provide me with, such as my car and earning my own money.” However, this is just the beginning of the year and there is much more to come for the senior class.

This year’s Juniors are now upperclassmen, giving them more privilege and excitement for the year ahead. Chloe Rankin (11) said that she was excited for prom “because I get to be living the typical teenage fantasy [of prom].” Aside from the excitement, juniors still will have the stress of taking the SAT later in the year. “I am going to focus on math this year so I do a good job when I take the SAT,” said Rankin.
All the talk for sophomores is about not being a freshman anymore, “[It] gives me more opportunities because I am older,” said Zora Beezley (10). As sophomores, students get to go off campus for lunch now, another opportunity gained from not being the youngest in the school. “The first place I would go is Subway because it’s closer,” said Beezley. Most sophomores are also on their way to getting their driver’s permits. Beezley said, “I am nervous to get into a car crash but excited to get on the road.”

Freshmen are going through a big transition in their lives. Coming from being on top of the food chain to walking down new hallways with older students and new teachers. “It’s only the second day and I already have homework,” said Kameron Becker (9). Now that freshmen are the youngest in the school, they want to act more responsible to show that they are not the baby freshmen that everyone thinks about. “I think when I am with older kids it inspires to be more mature,” said Becker. Freshmen are most excited for the school events, such as the homecoming dance and the assemblies that go on during Homecoming week. Becker said, “I am very excited for the bonfire.” Freshmen have a lot of new and exciting events to look forward to this year.

While everyone is figuring out their paths through high school, the staff members are guiding them. Everyone is excited for the upcoming year and what it has to offer with new staff and student and events such as college visits, homecoming activities, prom, sports, clubs or getting to see all their teachers again. It’s going to be another fun-filled year for all the Mustangs.