Chloe Unruh Starts the Golf Season With A Positive Mindset


Aliah Char

Chloe Unruh is a devoted senior golfer on MSHS’s Girls’ Team. This year she is leading the program with the theme of keeping a positive mindset.

Mackenna Yount, Copy Editor

Although golf may not seem like an exciting sport, Chloe Unruh (12) will assure you that it is. The careful calculations of hitting the ball with a club perfectly while taking into consideration wind conditions and the distance from the hole make the guessing game that golf is. Golf tournaments are quiet in the anticipation of a great shot, but don’t mistake the silence for boredom.

Unruh‘s favorite part about golfing on a team are the tournament days.You get to know the girls around you and get to know the kind of people they are,said Unruh.

This statement speaks to the culture of the girls’ golf at Manitou and what they strive to accomplish each year. Getting to know all the players and being surrounded by a positive attitude not only from Manitou’s golfers but also from other schools is really important and ensures an exciting golf season.

“[Golf is really fun because] you see the angry side of [the opponents] and the really nice side of them too. That’s just the golf game,” said Unruh. Getting to know other players and making connections can not only bring golfers newfound friendships but also provides them with role models so that they can all learn from each other. Learning from other golfers is an important part of golf because it’s what makes it a team sport. Each golfer is working together to make everyone the best version of themselves.

“I’m most excited for regionals just to see if I get any further than I got last year,” Unruh said. Her goal is self-improvement, trying to reach her own personal records and get better at her form. Setting goals and striving to meet them is key to a golfers success, and is also key to keeping the mindset of the team strong and full of ambition.

While Unruh wants to keep beating her own personal record and making improvements, she is unsure of making herself a future collegiate career in golf. Unruh going to try and see if she can make a college team and wants to work her hardest to further improve her golfing ability this season as well as show that she has the leadership skills that it takes.

“My hope is to break my personal record and to get even better,” Unruh said.[I want] to just support the girls around me and encourage them to keep playing golf.” By doing this, Unruh shows leadership and ambition, both important qualities in team leaders and in all golfers at Manitou.

The common theme of this season is most definitely positive encouragement of all team members. This year, the team is going into the season with a strong mindset that sets golf apart from any other sport. Unruh wants to leave a lasting impact on the golf program at Manitou and wants to set a good example for this year’s golfers both new and returning players. Nursing this positive quality in a team is important for its future success, and Unruh knows that it’s her job as a senior about to graduate to keep the golf program going strong.

Even after she graduates, Unruh has hopes to keep the positive attitude of working hard going throughout the program. The positive attitude makes a team, and this team is full of the cheer that is needed to show people that golf is just what Unruh said: fun, rewarding and stressful all in one. The excitement of golf is not just in watching others play the game; it’s in playing the game and learning the ins and outs of a sport that can surprise anyone. 

“I want to leave my love for the sport with other girls,” Unruh said. Showing people that golf can be exciting and a truly amazing sport is a goal of Unruh’s for this season. “A lot of people will say it’s boring but it’s really not when you’re playing. I just want [the girls] to feel the need to keep going.”

This positive spirit is what will keep the team going throughout this season and will lead all the golfers to make great strides towards their own personal goals. Unruh’s impact will inspire younger golfers on the team to do the same as her, encourage a positive attitude and commitment to the sport that she loves.

“Keep trying your hardest. It’s going to be hard at first, but if you keep working on it you’ll get better,” Unruh said. Progress and learning are shown through hard work and learning through teammates. The girls’ will show people that everyone on the team is continuously working hard to achieve their goals.

According to CHSAA, the first practice of the season is February 25th and the first tournament kicks off on April 3rd. Regionals and state tournaments are not yet announced.