NHS Inducts Diverse Leaders in MSHS Community

Clover Bernard, Senior Reporter

On January 14th, students and parents gathered at the Briarhurst Manor to watch Manitou Springs High School’s Annual National Honors Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony. Students who were inducted into “the nations oldest, largest and most prestigious club” –according to President Ava Spangler (12), were welcomed in.

To be qualified for NHS, students must obtain four qualities as an individual: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Each inductee is believed by the Administrative Council to possess each of these characteristics. Spangler led the ceremony by giving a strong speech explaining NHS and the club’s previous achievements. Following this, Molly Arndt (12), Trina Borst (12), Tyler Doherty (12) and Jayden Omi (12) explained the definitions of the four qualities one inductee must have. Then, Spangler led the National Honors Society Pledge the inductees have to repeat as their first step into induction.

This year’s inductees include Devon Beckum (10), Sofija Cirko (10), Madeline Davis (11), Taylor Foky (11), Sierra Dooley (10), Hailey Matas (11), Caden Saladay (10), Ben Schwartz (11), Caitlyn Wilson (10), Leo Wines (11) and Dana Gutierrez-Santos (10). Former members of this society introduce the new members by stating their personal and social achievements, vouching for them as good candidates for the club. From Vice-President of Manitou’s GSTA– Wines– to a very hardworking dancer– Beckum– you could say the new inductees are very diverse when it comes to their service and achievements.

This last year, with the help of President Ava Spangler and the Executive Board– Borst, Kaitlyn Cashdollar (12), and Arndt– NHS raised $1,600 for Urban Peak. This is “a local organization that consists of a teen shelter, housing programs, street outreach and wrap around support for local teens who are experiencing homelessness,” said Spangler. As well, NHS members raised 700 lbs of food to store in the districts food pantry.

This semester, the members plan on starting two more projects focusing on youth homelessness that hopefully bring a meaningful impact to the community. This will allow the new inductees to get a feel of what being apart of NHS is like, and the importance it holds.

As the ceremony came to a close, the new members of the National Honors Society were applauded for their bright and intelligent characters. Amanda Kerrigan—an English teacher at Manitou High School and the sponsor of NHS— reassured the inductees by stating, “Your natural and well-practiced gifts should not lay dormant. Instead, as a member of the National Honor Society, you are called to lead your peers.” These words furthered the new members’ excitement to begin this new chapter and furthered the importance this step has in their lives.