MSHS Students Take On Southern Colorado College Fair

Maya Berns, Business Manager

October 1, 2018, marked an important date for college-bound students in Colorado Springs. Coronado High School hosted the Southern Colorado College Fair that any student was welcome to attended. Admissions councilors set up tables and welcomed thousands of students with information that would peak their interest in attending their university this upcoming fall.

High school students from all over the surrounding areas were welcome to stop by and gather information about scholarships and colleges they were interested in. While high school seniors were the primary focus of the event, all students were welcomed as college is coming around the corner quickly for all.

Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) students used this event to their benefit and showed up to get important information that will help make college applications and the whole process that comes with them a little easier. Maya Alexander’s (12) interest was mainly in Jacksonville University. While out of state wasn’t her first choice, she still said, “I really enjoyed the fact that they don’t want an SAT score unless it will benefit me. I found this to be super cool and I wish more schools would do this.”

One junior who is excited for college and ready to graduate is Caleb Rockenbach. “I’m already applying to college with the hope that I will graduate early,” he said. His love for music is why “CU Denver is my top choice […] They have the exact program that I want, I know a lot of people there, and it’s in the state,” he said. Rockenbach is the perfect example that not only seniors are college bound this year.

While the college fair featured mostly in-state colleges, it also hosted many out of state schools. Ava Spangler (12) is among those who hope to go out of state. She is planning on applying to CU Boulder, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and Colorado School of Mines. Her top choice is UC Davis because, “It has liberal arts qualities while still being a largely math and science school,” said Spangler.

Overall, many students took advantage of the Southern Colorado College Fair. While many students are still unsure of where their future may lie, attending events like college fairs can help them understand all their options. The general consensus about the fair was that it was very helpful and offered lots of insight to college-bound students.