Annual Club Carnival Gets Students Involved


Kaitlyn Cashdollar (11), Aubrey Hall (12) and Jessica Moen (staff), inform people about the purpose and goal of the Gay Straight Transgender Alliance (GSTA). This year they are participating in events such as Urban Peak’s Night Out to End Youth Homelessness and Day of Silence.

Anela Wright, Senior Reporter

Each year, Manitou Springs High School (MSHS) holds a club fair to encourage students to become a part of the school community. Students talk to each club to attain information, and in return they receive a ticket that can be cashed out for games, drinks and food. Over a dozen different clubs presented themselves to their peers.

Most high schools have clubs that allow students to be a part of an activity they enjoy. This year, new clubs had a chance to spread their name to the MSHS student body in hope of gaining members. MSHS is known to have clubs that don’t fall under the typical categories, such as Key Club, Teen Advocates for a Well Community (TAWC), Science Club, National Honors Society, Robotics, and the Gay Straight Transgender Alliance (GSTA). “The Club Carnival helped TAWC get our name to the students and hopefully gain new members,” said Jane Squires, TAWC Coordinator.

A large number of students were intrigued by the new clubs, along with the prizes that were given out. They were allowed to trade tickets out for games, food and drinks. Students were involved with their peers by playing games on the field and talking to new people. Not only were students involved, but the Governor of Colorado was as well.

Last year, MSHS won the Healthy School Award from Governor John Hickenlooper. MSHS offers many athletic programs that are open to both students and faculty, such as yoga, Zumba and weights. Tyler Jones, a social studies teacher at Manitou, is a co-health leader within the MSHS faculty team.

“MSHS had all the teachers become certified in recognizing the signs of suicide and acting on it. I think this is really neat considering that’s a rare requirement,” Jones said. Hickenlooper was so impressed by Manitou’s training that he sent a news crew to document the Club Carnival to create a documentary about the school. This will include why MSHS is different and what makes it unique. Looking to the future, MSHS Student Council is optimistic about the Club Fair’s growing success.