Student Council Elections Shine a Light on Next School Year

Spencer Briggs-Hale, Reporter

In a time when elections seem to be in the center of everyone’s mind, there was one that was especially close to home. Instead of an election for the future of the nation, this was an election for the future of the school. Manitou Springs High School’s student body went to work deciding what sort of school they wanted next year. No matter who they chose, all of the candidates had the school’s best interest at hear. Sadly there can only be one student in each position. With the results of the election in, its time to look to next year.

Student Council plays vital role within the school. They plan all the dances and prepared all of the assemblies. However, after a successful year, it was time for the new council to take over. Amanda Nagel (11) will be succeeding Lily Reavis (12) as Class President. For the most part, this was an uncontested election seeing that most of the representatives ran unopposed. In the future, StuCo will hopefully find ways to attract more students to run for office, but in the mean time this year’s winers can celebrate. They have earned it.

To be elected they had to reseve a recommendation from four teachers and read a speech. People who did run opposed, they also had to campaign. For over a week the halls were decorated by the cap in propaganda of Maddie Butts (11) and Katlin Davidson (11), who were running for Student Body Vice President. When the dust settled, Butts won. Davidson became the Senior Class President.


Student Body President: Amanda Nagel (11)
Student Body Vice President: Maddie Butts (11)
Student Body Secretary: Matt Vanderwerff (10)
Student Body Treasurer: Sage Stevens (11)

Senior Class President: Kaitlyn Davidson
Senior Class Vice President: Aubrey Hall
Senior Class Secretary: Sita Ahlen
Senior Class Treasurer: TBD
Senior Class Representative: Cole Sienknecht

Junior Class Board:
Jayden Omi
Quinn Hersey
Allison Wilson
Caleb Edwards (10)

Junior Class Representative:
Dani Arabia

Sophomore Class Board:
Grayson Bodor
Parker Hall
Coco Stevens
Mitchell Wright

Sophomore Class Representatives:
Lizzy Butts
Allie Robbins
Melissa Macdonald

Freshman Class Board:
Caden Harris
Mia Heiniger
Caden Salladay
Michael Vanderwerff

Freshman Class Representatives:
Mahlia Glass