Girls Soccer Ahead in Their League

Spencer Briggs-Hale, Reporter

Girls Soccer Tri-Peaks Leagues has been mentioned in the school announcements recently, and for good reason. In the soccer world, Leagues is a big deal. Schools from all across Region 2, or the Tri-peaks League, compete in order to reserve a spot at playoffs. From playoffs, they can go to state, and then nationals. At the moment, Manitou is in the top four teams in the Tri-Peaks league.

Manitou’s good standing is a result of their 10 wins, and only one loss. The girls have fought long and hard to achieve their status. “CSCS was probably our hardest game. They’re our match in Leagues. We only beat them 1:0. We got one win, and then bunked in and kept them from scoring,” said Meghan Root (12), one of the team captains. However, the team was not deterred by these hard games. Through the injuries and hardships, they kept fighting.

This is the third year in a row that the varsity team has been to Leagues. Players such as Root credit this to hard work and the team coming together as a family. The players said that it was a huge relief to win this year. Many of them were on the team last year and had high expectations. Having those expectations fulfilled was a big deal; it let them keep their reputation as a fierce team. For the new members, this will give them the confidence to try for Leagues next year. Root said her advice to next year’s team was to just work hard and become a family. A good team dynamic is the key to achieving their goals.

Soon the team will be going of to playoffs, where they hope to continue their winning streak. As they go on toward their next victory, Manitou will be cheering them on.