Manitou Participates in Dodgeball Tournament


Allie Robbins, Reporter

Manitou Springs Student Council had hosted a dodgeball competition last night. One thing about Manitou is that the students are very competitive. All the teams were filled with seniors. The dodgeball games were a great way to have school spirit! Many people enjoyed their time.

Melissa MacDonald (9) did the music and put down the teams names. This is the first year McDonald has been in Student Council and she hopes to continue. The dodgeball games were very competitive. Each team has to have two girls and six people. Of course many the guys were the last to stand. Each team had fifteen minutes to get as many people out on the other team. The last two teams standing had to go against each other twice. The winning team was “Skills to Killz”.

There was a lot of conflict with the teams on confessing who got out. The most fun part was seeing all the teams working together. Manitou is known for excepting everyone and anyone can fit in perfectly. Manitou students work together to get a job done. The dodgeball games was a wonderful event that Student Council hosted. Next year they hope to have all grades attend for the competition. The teams were all getting along and cheering on from the bleachers.