Annual Regional Cross Country Meet Brings Powerhouse Teams


David Misyura

Way to go! Quinn Hersey (10) keeps his pace ahead of a few Salida and TCA runners behind him. Manitou mostly secured positions in the middle of rankings for all races.

David Misyura, Reporter

Reaching the critical point of regionals on the 20th of October, Manitou’s cross country team made great strides in effort and spirit. This was a crucial meet for the team because their performance determined whether or not they’d be going to state, ultimately pressing the team to do their absolute best.

The regional meet took place at Fountain Creek Regional Park, where the beautiful scenery was complemented by the warm yet windy weather that day. The course was three miles long, and was an especially slow one, even if it was relatively flat and otherwise straightforward. There was wind blowing against the runners, as well as steady inclines and tight curves to add hindrance to the runners’ efforts. “It wasn’t necessarily a difficult course as much a technical one, with things like tight curves and grassy areas,” said Mrs. Roberson, the head cross country coach. The course was also covered in gravel in a lot of areas, which definitely contributed to making the course more difficult than it would’ve been otherwise.

Despite all the hindrances provided by the course and wind, Manitou’s boys and girls did pretty well. Both teams managed to secure positions in the middle of worst and best, so although they didn’t get the top positions, they didn’t fall to last either, which is a respectable outcome. Everyone ran hard and kept pace, and one notable member of the boys’ team pushed himself especially hard. Liam Davidson, a freshmen, was in an incredible amount of pain at the end of the race, with him having a strong case of cramps. The team gathered to support him through his pain, and he eventually recovered. Whatever the case was for his pain, it’s impressive that he kept pace all the way to the end of the race, and the team certainly appreciated such effort.

Once all the races were finished in the meet, the results and awards were announced, but not without delay. There had been previous delays in the meet, but this one still wasn’t appreciated by the teams and bus drivers. With all the work put in by Manitou, they were able to catch 6th place. Although this meant they weren’t advancing to state, this was still a respectable result. Only four teams can go to state, and with “powerhouse” teams like TCA, Salida, and Alamosa already securing three of those spots, it never was easy for Manitou secure one for themselves. Manitou’s girls’ team had advanced to state in past years, so it’s not as though Manitou never had a chance. No one beat their personal records during this regional meet, but it’s just the nature of cross country. All the courses are different from each other, in contrast with track, where it’s the same course design every time. Ultimately, Manitou did well and ran hard, and although they didn’t advance to state, they certainly made the best of their last meet of the season. There’s always another season to do what wasn’t in this one.