David Misyura
David Misyura (10), at the age of 15, is able to show the maturity and responsibility levels of an adult. He joined Mass Media for the opportunity to apply video, photography and video editing skills to real life. Aside from Mass Media, he is also interested in computer hardware and how it's developing as an industry. "I remember, as a child I would break computers all the time, and now I can fix them, and it gives me a source of motivation," he said. He hopes to carry it into his career as a Computer Hardware Engineer. Before Colorado, he lived in Georgia, Alabama, and Alaska. However, if he could live anywhere, he would choose to live in Japan. His favorite thing about MSHS is how small it is and how connected the students are. He prefers DC over Marvel, and his favorite superhero is Batman. Last year, Misyura was the manager for girls JV soccer team. He plays soccer for Manitou on the JV team. He also participates in Knowledge Bowl, and was able to travel to the state competition last year with our team. Misyura does free running and parkour in his free time, and is currently training in doing front flips on ground.

David Misyura, Reporter

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David Misyura