Students For Trump Share Stances on Election 2016

Students For Trump Share Stances on Election 2016

Jackson Parker

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The election is coming to an end and students across America are solidifying their ideas of the candidates. While many students are undecided and several are not interested in the election at all, a handful of students are open in who they’d support if they could vote. Today we talked with a few Trump supporters at Manitou Springs High School. Ryan Bergsten is a sophomore and fully supports Trump. Bergsten is a strong supporter of Trump’s four bracket tax plan and his immigration policies.

Bergsten is not a rare case however, many millennials in the US have been rapidly strength ting support for the controversial candidate. Many, students also see the threat of US brewed terrorism, and Trump has taken a hard stance on Islamic Terror. Gianni Truscelli is a Junior and finds this kind of attitude to be inspiring and empowering to him. Truscelli has also developed a love for Trump’s business history.

The last interview we did was with Zach Perry, who disapproves of the stance many democrats have taken on NAFTA, Perry thinks Trump will sweep Hillary and is looking forward to attending his rally on Tuesday. Trump will be speaking at Norris Penrose at 1:00 PM on Tuesday