Jackson Parker
Jackson Parker (12) has grown up and lives in the Cheyenne area of Colorado Springs, and is 17 years old. He finds Manitou Springs to be a great place to live, despite what many visitors may say against the historic city, and loves Manitou Springs High School equally. He has a younger brother who goes to school in Cheyenne, whom he also shares a healthy relationship with. For fun, Parker enjoys skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek. He enjoys the freedom to go out and explore a mountain, which is why he's been skiing for about 14 years. Parker has also developed a total of 15 apps in his life, having started back in 2003. He is self taught and prefers it that way, so he didn't take the programming classes offered here at the high school. Although he may be talented with coding, Parker doesn't see himself doing any sort of programming for a living, with him only dabbling with it as a hobby.

Furthermore, he is interested in cars, although not to an extreme level. He also likes to read business books, with Forbes being his favorite location for information on stocks and business management. His choice of college would be Arizona State University for its excellent business and economics courses. He sees himself either developing apps, selling commodities, trading oil and natural gas, trading stocks, or going into price equity or business management for a living. Parker says he would prefer to go into price equity or business management because they're high value careers and hold lots of money. He also holds interest in politics, and has campaigned in the Students for Trump campaign. He is conservative, and although he is not able to predict the upcoming presidential election's outcome, he is leaning toward Trump.

Jackson Parker, Reporter

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Jackson Parker