Election 2016, A Debate of Insults


Jackson Parker


28 days remain this election cycle and the candidates are dueling in the ring. Insults are only becoming worse and there is an overwhelming distraction from real issues facing America. Last night’s debate was no different, with no real answers to our healthcare system, economic policy or future plans for the USA.

Trump is currently under heat for his comments regarding women, while Clinton is remaining silent on the issue. Facebook announced the story is the most talked about story this election with millions flooding the social site to express their thoughts on the 2005 recording.

Last night, the first round of questions targeted at Trump directly, questioned his intentions and respect for women. Clinton took clear advantage of this move and stated this as being his true colors. However, Trump took hefty hits at Clinton, saying that she would be in jail if he were president.

As Americans woke up this morning, several of them watched the debate. Many took to online polls to express their opinions and share what they think of the current stances of the candidates. In addition, polls this morning have shown Trump winning the debate despite his AudioGate issue.