Homecoming Dance Successful


Yuji Zhong, Reporter

The 2016 homecoming dance took place on Oct.1. The theme was “Off to Neverland” with a mix of “Enchanted Forest”. The dance started at 8:00pm and officially ended at 11:00pm. Students checked in at the door, waiting for Wendy Skokan and Alice Stoneback to put a star-shaped stamp on their hands.

There were three different rooms, set off from the dance, for students to spend time in. There was a game room, filled with board games and video game consoles, along with a foosball table. Next door was a photo booth room, where students could get prints of their picture for $1. The last room was a movie room, where the movie “Hook” was playing.

There was also a VIP room. VIP tickets were $15, and students who purchased them were allowed to enter this room.

For freshmen the homecoming dance might be unfamiliar. “It was weird since I’ve never been to something like that before. It kinda grossed me out when the girls wore skimpy dresses and everyone was making out all over the place. But other than that it was fun. I also almost fell many times,” said Chloe Armstrong (9).