Annual Movie Night Starts Homecoming Week Off


Lizzy Butts (9), Peter March (9), Parker Hall (9), Aubrey Hall (11), Lily Reavis (12) and Mo Heiniger (12) enjoy the movie in the back of Reavis’ car.

Mo Heiniger , Reporter

After deliberation over what movie to play, as there are many films that align with the “Off to Neverland” theme of this year’s Homecoming Dance, Student Council members from Manitou Springs High School decided to play Disney’s original Peter Pan cartoon at this year’s Homecoming Movie Night. On Saturday, Sept. 24, the student group hosted a drive-in movie in the high school’s parking lot. Cars were parked strategically in order to have the movie visible to as many students as possible. The rear-ends of vehicles faced the projection for the viewers’ sake. Some students even brought their own lawn chairs to promote their own personal comfort and movie enjoyment. Students across the school’s grades and social groups attended the event. Set-up started at 8:00pm, half an hour prior to the start of the film. The brisk weather that evening was noticed and compensated for with blankets and in-car heating systems. Concessions were sold by members of the council in order to bring in profits from the otherwise free event.