Annual Awards Night Honors Students, Introduces Valedictorians

Kaitlyn Davidson, Reporter

This year’s annual Award Night honored outstanding academic achievement and prestigious awards and scholarships were presented to ambitious juniors and seniors.

Unlike many years’ past, the Valedictorian Award went to two people, whose GPA and advanced classes were ultimately tried down to the thousandth. Both Veronica Morin (12) and Samantha Williams (12) had a 3.994 and have been in honors classes throughout high school.

Jacob Rider (12) won the School of Mines Math and Science Award, McKenzi Petricko (12) received the CHSAA Honor Student Award, among many other recipients.

“It’s important that the awards honor the hard work of students in areas that aren’t traditionally celebrated and I hope it made everyone who won feel proud of themselves!” Alena Akse (10) wrote. Ask won the most Academic Awards in the student body. She received recognition in Health, World History Honors, English 2 Honors, Algrebra 2 and  Biology 1 honors.