Girls’ Soccer Loses in Tough Game Against Fountain Valley

Kieran Lynch, Reporter

So far, the Manitou girls’ soccer team has had a great season, overall they have gone 10-5 in their regular season games.

A record of 5-0 in their league means that they won their league. On Thursday May 5, the Manitou Springs High School girls’ soccer team went up against the Fountain Valley girls team, who also won their league. The game was a constant fight between the two teams and ended up being a very tough contest between the two teams. Unfortunately, Fountain Valley came out on top by only one point. The Manitou team played a great game and fought hard. Early in the first half, the Fountain Valley team scored twice and by the halfway point Manitou hadn’t scored. When the teams came back for the second half, Manitou scored very quickly. It was very hard to fight off the Fountain Valley team who was playing very aggressively. Manitou managed to keep the Fountain Valley team from scoring for the whole second half of the game. Multiple times during the second half, Manitou got very close to getting a point and Fountain Valley’s defense barely fought off the attacks every time. But when the final buzzer rang the score was still 2-1 Fountain Valley. In the next few days the schedule for the girl’s soccer playoffs will be announced.