Murdock, 8-Season Cheerleader, Retires from Manitou Cheer

Senior Ryan Murdock, 3 year varsity letter winner says goodbye.

Video clips by Brian Laycock. A huge thank you to Brian for his amazing work!

Anela Wright, Reporter

Ryan Murdock (12) has been a cheerleader for twelve years, and has been on the Manitou Springs High School cheer team since her freshman year.

At a recent basketball game, Murdock was recognized by the 2016 cheer team for her commitment for the past four years. The girls lined up with roses, each having a tag attached with a little something written. She has lettered for three years, the announcement of this year’s varsity letter winners will be announced on March 8. If she letters this year, she will have letter for four years in a row.

“Stoney talked to some of the juniors the week before and mentioned we should do something for her. She has been such a support for the team. It’s tough love but we all know she cares about us and I personally as a junior don’t know what we would do without her leadership,” said Alyssa Prince (11).

She has been on the team all four years, all eight seasons. Most people don’t understand that cheer is a sport where the team is family. They go through learning fustrating cheers, holding girls above their heads, and hours practicing tumbling.

“She is very determined and a big inspiration for me,” said Zoe Schnurman (10).

With this season being Murdock’s last, the cheerleaders all have heavy hearts. People love seeing her smile and cheer her heart out.

“Honestly, Ryan is a story in herself. She is such a fun loving person with a spunky personality. She has always been positive for her teammates despite what she had going on in her personal life. At practices, we would always goof around. And the seniors, this year had a crazy bond. We knew when to really come together and we intend on staying together. It’s just really sweet. The past 4 years of cheerleading wouldn’t have been the same without Ryan Murdock. I love that girl,” said Kelsey Hartwig (12).