The Prospector’s Guide to the Apocalypse


Photo by Dubs. This is just a small picture of what is to come…

December 21, 2012 is coming up quickly. In case you don’t know the significance of that date, the 21st of December 2012 is the supposed end of planet Earth. Many people theorize that because the Mayan calendar comes to an end on December 21, 2012 then the world will also come to an end.

People also believe that Earth is going to collide with a dwarf planet called Nibiru, also known as Planet X. Although NASA has said that these rumors and speculations of the world’s end are not true, what if those conspiracy theorists are right?

Photo by Dubs.
This is just a small picture of what is to come…

Should you just give up and let fate take you into its hands? Should you just take these next days and just live life to the fullest, hoping that you will get to do all the things you never got to before the world ends? No, you should prepare! How?

The Prospector has the ultimate survival checklist to ensure that all the MSHS students will survive doomsday.

 First, before the 21st comes, you should check the news everyday for signs of end of the world disasters, such as: fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

 Second, create a list of trusted friends and family, with their phone numbers, and addresses, in case of the world’s ultimate doom. (Be sure to have a solid definition of “trust” before compiling this list.)

 Third, be sure to fill your car with gas. Everyday. Seriously.

 Fourth, have a large supply of non-perishable foods, like beef jerky, canned corn, Chef Boyardee. Also be sure that you have many winter clothing options, warm but not restrictive. You still have to be able to run from the zombies.

 Fifth, instead of spending your last few days YOLO-ing everything, spend it building a camouflage underground bunker. Would you rather have fun sky diving for a day, or a comfortable bed, and working bathroom for the rest of your life? You choose.

 Duct tape, duct tape, duct tape. Enough said.

 A pillowcase, and 100 bars of soap. You choose what do with that, just make sure that you have it.

 Night vision goggles, they could come in handy, and they would be some fun entertainment.

 Bring the newspaper, fun to read, and fun to burn!

 Entertainment, you are going to need more than night vision goggles to entertain yourself, so grab Scrabble, Uno, Sorry, or maybe Legos, and anything else that is fun in your eyes, before the only thing left to play with is dirk and sticks.

Face it, the world may or may not be coming, but if it does come, the Prospector has your back! They say, “Better safe than sorry.” This will be incredibly true if the world comes to an end, thus becoming over run with zombies thirsting for your brain. Oh that is something else you can do: dumb down. Zombies prefer intelligent brains to dumb brains.

You better hurry up and fulfill this check list, and comment on any other skills, or items you believe one should have in order to outlast the apocalypse, so MSHS has a better chance of surviving!

Good Luck!

By Maddie Conarro