Up and Coming Artists of 2015

SZA is an alternative and R&B artist. She recently released an album called Z which features artists like Kendrick Lamar. SZA has a poppy relaxing kind of vibe, but should work on annunciating her lyrics.
Leon Bridges is a retro soul artist, who has recently been noticed in the music world. His first album, “ Coming Home “, was released June 23, 2015 and his just starting to make its mark. Leon Bridges has a bluesy, upbeat feeling that pulls you in making it fun to listen to, but easy to keep focused.
Kyle is a rap and hip hop artists who is just beginning to be noticed after releasing 8 albums. Kyle started making music as early as 2005. His sound is very ‘now’, as he resembles a Drake-like artist.
The Districts has what is called a jangly, indie americana, blues feel to there music. They were first noticed in 2011 when they released there first ep, called “Kitchen Song” that was followed by “Telephone”. The Districts started their career in high school, then grew in their music from there.
Girlpool is a punk rock band without a drummer. They released their very first album, “Before the World was Big” in June of this year. They have a very Robin Scherbatsky-esque sound.
Alvvays started their career off as a five-person band just wanting to play music. They began as a fuzzy, indie pop band that mesmerized people with their tunes. Molly Rankin, lead singer, first released her solo EP in 2010 with the help of her guitarist, Alec O’ Hanley, which brought the band all together. Alvvays has an infectious, sugary melody that recall the likes of young people all around.
Blood Diamonds are a band in the electronic genre of music. They started their career in 2009. Their music has a great beat and vocals and sounds kind of similar to dub step.
Ella Henderson is a solo artist that is a mix of pop, R&B, and soulful music. Ghost is her most recent song that has become more popular as it is frequently played. Starting her career is when she auditioned for X-Factor in 2012, but sadly finished at 6th place. She still has a successful career in music as her powerful sultry voice takes the hearts of many.
Tobias Jesso Jr. is an indie rock/ alternative musician and wonderful pianist. He released his debut album, “ Goon” in March 2015.