Choir Students Shine in the Spotlight at Honor Choir Concert


Mia Heiniger

Atraya Christiansen (11) practices for a concert with classmates. She was one of the eight MSHS students to sing in the Honor Choir.

Zak Talbot, Sports Editor

There is nothing quite like music, whether it’s the soft, slow piano of classical or the deafening screams of heavy metal. Music inspires us, teaches us, and builds us up, and not just by listening to it: by making music. And sing is exactly what eight Manitou Springs High School students did over the weekend of November 17th. Sarah Prather (12), Kyra Harris (12), Janelle Nutche (12), Chloe Unruh (12), Hayla Haines (11), Atraya Christiansen (11), Grace Trahey (10) and Araceli Roldan (10) all were accepted into the Honor Choir. The concert took place at CSU Pueblo’s Concert Hall and was watched by hundreds of eager audience members, mesmerized by the beautiful voices from many of the best singers in the Tri-Peaks region. 

The rigorous process of being invited to the Honor Choir began long before the deadline. “We were all selected out of our choir by Mrs. Wilson. Once we all received the invitation we simply had to learn our music,” said Haines. Once selected, the process of learning the music was not as simple as it seemed. With the hectic schedules all high school students have, the choir students had to incorporate their music into their everyday lives. 

“Anything is difficult to manage as a junior in high school, but between cheer practice at 6 in the morning and all of my classes, I’d listen to the music regularly,” said Haines. “I would practice while getting ready in the locker room in the morning and just continue to hum my parts throughout the school day.” 

Though this huge commitment may seem overwhelming to these students, their love and passion for music largely outweighs the challenges presented by their rigorous extracurricular activities. The experience in Pueblo allowed for all students to be around successful professors who taught them how to be successful in music. All students were put into a great position to gain a more powerful, confident voice that will push them into success in the future. With this experience, a path for a future in music is now more clear and prominent for the eight artists.