Ten ways to de-stress during finals week

Daniela Pinto Payares, Student Council Correspondent

The end of the first semester is approaching quickly and with that comes finals. This is the time when some cannot sleep because they are worried they will not pass a class, when they stay up late studying for that class they just do not understand, when the heart starts to race and the nails are not pretty anymore.

The stress these exams produce can be terrible, but there are ways to manage it. Here are some to try out:

  1. Take a NAP

It might sound lazy, and like you are wasting your time, but it has been proven that a 10-15 minute nap will help boost your energy, allowing you to study longer and finish any homework or project on time for finals. If you are part of the group that cannot take a nap because you will not wake up on time, then you should consider using every alarm in your house to help you wake up.

  1. Pet an animal

All animals do is give love. Cuddling a pet can take your mind off school and will make you happy. So go find a dog, puppy, kitten, any animal, and sacrifice a little bit of your time just giving it love.

  1. Take a hot shower

Hot showers rock! The hot water will allow your muscles and brain to relax, making it easy to de-stress. You will be able to take a little break while being all warm and cozy.

  1. Do some exercise

Exercising can help reduce the hormone overload that is one of the main components of stress. So go out on a walk, a run, a hike. Do some jumping jacks, yoga, anything you will feel comfortable doing, but do something.

  1. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. It is relaxing, and it will take your mind of the work even if just for a few seconds. Find a friend and just laugh about anything, and then go back to work.

  1. Eat a snack

Stress-eating does not have to be bad. Take a moment of your time, pick a snack that will fill you up, step away from the work, sit in a quiet, calming place, and really enjoy that snack – the taste, texture, everyone about it. You’ve turned food into meditation.

  1. Listen to music

Make a playlist with music that makes you happy. Look for songs that will keep you up and make you feel good, maybe even some motivational ones. This way you can enjoy part of the studying process.

  1. Chew gum

Chewing gum can help you breathe better, help with anxiety, improve alertness and reduce stress. Find your favorite flavor and just start chewing.

  1. Breathe

It may sound dumb, but breathing slowly will tell your body that you are calm because that is what it does when it is relax. If you do not want to just breathe alone in your room, you can do yoga.

10. Drink a lot of water and tea

Our brain is approximately 85% water, so for it to work properly we need to be hydrated. So go to you kitchen, fill up your water bottle, and then sit down and work.

These are some ways to relax during this dreadful time. Remember – after they are over, you are done (for this semester, at least)! Go out and celebrate that you made it through.