Plasma for Penrose: Blood Drive

Sita Ahlen and Meghann Root

It’s nice to know that my blood can go to scientific research or somebody that needs it to stay alive.

— Daisy Erickson (12)

National Honor Society hosted a blood drive on Monday, November 3rd for Penrose Saint Francis Hospital. Students 16 years and older were eligible to donate 1 pint if blood used either for testing or for people in need. This year, about 40 students attended, which is around the same as last year. They hope to see a better turnout next year. The average blood transfusion is 3 pints, so since approximately 40 students attended, around 13 people may have been helped.

The students and teachers who were present explained that it was practically effortless. “The finger prick hurt a lot more than the needle going in,” said senior Daisy Erickson

NHS has Penrose Saint Francis come to the school to relieve students from the convoluted effort of driving to the hospitals and waiting there.

“Many people simply don’t want to drive 20 minutes to the hospital to donate, which could take another hour and a half on top of that. If we bring the blood drive to them, it takes less time and energy, plus it removes most excuses and forces accountability on the participants,” comments Leland Spangler.

Junior Sophia Ives, who also donated, said, “I have a lot of family members that are sick and I know that they would appreciate it if I did it…it just means a lot to me.”

NHS may host another blood drive in the spring. If not, please attend next year’s event to further medical attention for hospitalized peoples needs.