Manitou Freshman Holds His Own in Winter Series

Katelinn Root

Bryce VanDerveer, a freshman, was the only student at Manitou who ran four races with adults and around 15 other people his age. His cross country coaches had suggested that he do this and he thought it was a good idea.

The Winter Series is 4 races starting with 3.3m, going to a 4m run, then to a 5m run, and finally a 10k run.

He said he had a lot of fun racing with adults and might do it agin next year.

To train for these runs takes time, effort, and perspiration. Your mind and body has to be willing to do these runs.

VanDerveer proved himself a contender during the winter series. At 15, he was the youngest runner in his age group, 15-19 year-olds. Vanderveer made sure to let the competition know that he wasn’t to be discounted. With each race, Vanderveer became faster and faster while finishing a respectable 8th place out of 19 in his age group, with his accumulated time only 30 minutes difference from first place.

The Winter Series isn’t to be taken lightly and Vanderveer demonstrated his hard work and effort throughout.