Katelinn Root
Katelinn Root is a senior at Manitou and has been a part of the Mass Media family for three years. She started working on the yearbook in 8th grade. This year she manages the budgets for both the yearbook and the Prospector. She brings much more to the Mass Media team than just financial advisement, however; her job includes managing the money spent on equipment, what ads go in what publications, and generally keeping the younger members of Mass Media on track. She makes sure that everyone is reaching their potential in the class, and is always willing to guide beginners. She sought out the job of Chief Financial Officer, and enjoys what she does very much. She has also been an active part of the other areas of Mass Media and enjoys photography and designing yearbook spreads. Other hobbies of hers include playing on the varsity soccer team and taking pictures. (Photo: Ally C.)

Katelinn Root, Chief Financial Officer

May 16, 2014
Manitou Freshman Holds His Own in Winter Series (Story)
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Katelinn Root