Sports Preview: Cheer


Trish McCumber

MSHS cheer team losing 2 key seniors, but they will back strong in the fall.

Angela Rowe, Senior Reporter

The 2023-2024 Manitou Springs High School Cheer Team’s tryout concluded on April 27 and the new team was announced May 2. The official start of the new season is in August, as the team will start participating in games cheering on the football, volleyball and men’s soccer teams.

Cheerleading is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, and coordination, and is also a way to build team spirit throughout the entire school. “The sense of teamwork and family on the team is what I most enjoy,” Cadence Magruder (11) said.

Cheer is a full time commitment, as it takes place all school year. “There really is no off season, since I will participate through the whole school year, and will practice during the summer,” Ashton Perry (11) said.  The athletes revolve their life around this sport, as they practice all year and give 3 days each week of summer to better their stunts.

At MSHS the team takes charge in promoting the elements of dance, gymnastics and stunts as they move together as a team towards a common goal. “I enjoy seeing growth on the team  throughout the season,” Magruder said. Together they learn to perform under pressure, think on their feet, and adapt to changing situations. 

During the season the team is involved in practices, games and competitions. Although in past years, the team has been separated into two teams, allowing some athletes to participate in both competitive and sideline cheer while others only participate in sideline cheer.  “The season is year round, but competitions take place in fall and winter,” Magruder said. 

Cheer is more than just stunts and physical activities though, it is a way to build confidence and social skills. These athletes learn to work together, build teamwork, and develop a sense of school pride within their community. “The best part is meeting new people and developing close relationships with my teammates,” Perry said.

Cheerleading is also a way to build self-confidence and social skills, as the athletes are required to perform in front of large crowds, which can be intimidating. The athletes must build trust within each other and learn to communicate effectively, so that their routines run smoothly. “One thing I love is watching my stunts better and improving as a base,” Magruder said. 

All things considered, cheerleading provides a sense of belonging and community, and it is one of the many reasons athletes try out each year.