Rebecca Davis prepares for a life of music after high school


Emily Davis

Rebecca Davis knows how to play both the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, and is learning both Alto and Tenor Saxophone for the upcoming Spring Musical.

Dalton Gates, Senior Reporter

Rebecca Davis, senior at Manitou Springs High School, has participated in many honor bands, joined many leadership committees and plans on pursuing a career in Music Education, specifically to become a high school band director. 

Davis has been playing the clarinet before high school, even in middle school, and is still improving and learning within the band on other instruments. “I started playing clarinet in fourth grade, but I started band in sixth grade,” Davis said. “I currently play clarinet and bass clarinet proficiently and I’m learning alto sax and tenor sax.”

Davis’ expanding knowledge in band has moved her further than only participating in high school accredited band and into honor level bands and being surrounded by their dedicated participants. You get to hang out with a bunch of other dedicated musicians and it’s just a completely different experience from people who are just in band accredited at high school,” Davis said. “It’s people who care about their instruments, care about what they’re doing and are willing to dedicate an extra amount of effort and time.”

Davis’ put all this hard work and effort into her music, in and out of high school. Davis’s family, friends and teachers are proud of her accomplishments, especially band teacher David William. “I think it’s amazing. She works really hard and practices,” Willams said. “She definitely deserves the accolades.”

Davis hasn’t stopped playing in bands in high school and honor bands; she has this year now begun conducting her peers in her symphonic band class. “It’s pretty nerve-wracking at first, but you get used to it, everyone is super nice,” Davis said. “The most intimidating part is thinking about how your director is criticizing you and how your director thinks you’re doing. But the students are really awesome and really supportive. It’s great.”

Friends like senior Elanor Fugate, who haven’t been under her conducting or have little to no band experience in comparison, are very impressed by her dedication and talent. “Rebecca is a great leader with a lot of musical talent, so I know she’s an exceptional conductor,” Fugate said. “She’s really passionate about it too; she lights up with excitement anytime she tells me she gets to conduct that day.”

With Davis’ high school life coming to an end, she looks to the future and what she is going to do. “I’m attending Western Colorado University and getting my degree in music, so I can be a high school band director,” Davis said. “I just love band and I can’t imagine my life without that sense of community and that form of musicianship. I just can’t picture myself being able to pursue music if I choose a different career field. Just being a musician is much more important to me than anything else.”