Wesley and Abbie Reeves make history being first siblings to place in Wrestling State

Sadie House, Senior Reporter

On Feb.18, 2023, Wesley and Abbigail Reeves changed Manitou Springs High School history by being the first siblings to place together at the Wrestling State Tournament, winning second and fourth place, respectively. 

Abbigail Reeves (10) has been working hard alongside her team for months in preparation, a perseverance and commitment that ultimately paid off as she qualified for State. Yet when the big day arrived, it was not only athleticism she brought onto the mat.

“You can be physically ready, but your mind has to be in a good place. You’ve got to be mentally strong,” Abbigail Reeves said. “There were a lot of people that I went out with and I didn’t think I could beat them, but I fought way harder than I thought I would.”

Wrestling constantly pushes student athletes to grow their discipline and skill, fostering a camaraderie and brotherhood between teammates despite the sport’s focus on individual performance. 

“It’s such a wonderful sport, to go out there and try your hardest and have your hand raised, it’s a lot of discipline,” Abbigail Reeves said.

Abbigail Reeves has excelled throughout her wrestling career thus far by maintaining a focused work ethic and positive attitude, which served her well in the last deciding matches of the State Tournament.

“There was a point after the second day when I knew that I was going to place so I was happy,” Abbigail Reeves said. “You can’t let it get to your head though, you got to keep fighting until the last match.”

Abbigail Reeves’ fourth place victory was not only a monumental achievement, but a thrilling moment shared with her brother, Wesley Reeves (12), as they both took the pedestal.

“I got to go up there with my brother, which meant a lot to me to place with him. He’s definitely my biggest inspiration. It’s so much fun to be on a team with him.”

— Abbigail Reeves

“I got to go up there with my brother, which meant a lot to me to place with him,” Abbigail Reeves said. “He’s definitely my biggest inspiration. It’s so much fun to be on a team with him.”

Having been involved in wrestling since seventh grade, Wesley Reeves plans to continue the sport at Western Wyoming Community College next year. As his senior season has come to a close, placing second at State, Reeves has been able to reflect on the important lessons wrestling has taught him.

I learned real discipline this season, how to have self-restraint and really be committed to something,” Wesley Reeves said. “Sometimes not everything goes as planned, but everything happens for a reason, so just be grateful, enjoy the journey and don’t take anything for granted.”

In the case of not everything going according to plan, Wesley Reeves demonstrated true resilience in the face of adversity as he woke up sick the day of the finals. This unfortunate circumstance did not prevent Wesley Reeves from wrestling the State Tournament, remarkably placing despite the odds stacked against him.

“I was very sick and weak so I couldn’t wrestle like myself and just couldn’t get out of being on bottom in those last two minutes,” Wesley Reeves said.

Paul Bonner, Manitou Springs High School Wrestling Coach, has worked closely with both Reeves and was proud to witness the unique experience of the siblings placing together.

Personally, I’ve known and coached Wes since he was in middle school, and to watch him grow into the determined young man that he is now. I know he fell a bit short of his goals but he’s such a driven, hardworking young man,” Bonner said. “I’m proud of him and he’s been a great influence on his sister Abbie. I think she’s picking up where he’s leaving off, she’s got a good attitude and works hard too.”

Three students in total qualified for State, Wesley and Abbigail Reeves, as well as Kara Donegan (10). This was a fantastic accomplishment for the athletes and the team alike, and it has left the team wanting more for next season.

“The buzz and vibe from the State Tournament is that kids want to get more than three qualifying for State next year,” Bonner said.

The MSHS Wrestling Team has proved they are a group of diligent, committed and hard-working individuals who take the fundamental principles of wrestling to heart.

“I think we’re knocking on the door of something really good to come for the program,” Bonner said.