Charlie Morgan Skydiving in Mexico


Charlie Morgan skydiving over Puerto Vallarta, MX, during Winter Break of 2022.

Jack Embery, Editor-in-Chief

For those who know Charlie Morgan (12), he often is known for seeking adventure and adrenaline, sometimes at the risk of safety. So, it is no surprise that he desired to fall from the sky. Morgan went skydiving for the first time over Winter Break in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

“Adrenaline has always been the biggest thrill for me,” Morgan said. “I’ve always levitated towards extreme sports like snowboarding and motocross, rather than running on a field with a ball.” 

Throughout his everyday life, Morgan looks for adventures that will bring him the adrenaline rush he seeks, so when he is presented with the opportunity to skydive on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, he jumps on the chance. “There is no greater adrenaline rush than falling out of a plane in freefall for a minute straight,” Morgan said. “I figured it would be fun and the views would be pretty.” 

Morgan chose to skydive in Mexico to bypass all the rules and regulations required in the United States. He thought it would be a unique experience to go to Mexico, in addition to being able to land right on the beach. 

“Before I knew it, I was getting thrown out of the airplane and I began to get nervous,” Morgan said. “But the first 45 to 50 seconds of freefalling was really, really exhilarating.” 

After initially jumping out of the plane, Morgan faced many emotions that surprised him and made him question his decision. “Once your body kind of shuts down the alarm system that realizes that you are fine after the initial jump, then you can take in how awesome it is,” Morgan said. “But your body is screaming, alarm sounds for the first 10 seconds of falling.” 

After Morgan’s body’s alarms stopped sounding, he could absorb the views of skydiving over the ocean. “There is no other feeling to describe to you,” Morgan said. “You feel like you are about to die, but then you realize you have a parachute to save you.” 

Morgan said if he could skydive again, he would do it over and over. “The rolling mountains of Central America with the blue coastal water of Puerto Vallarta with the birds eye view of the sand bay was one of the most beautiful sights ever,” Morgan said. “And having my parents watch me fall down from the balcony was also a cool experience.” 

After landing on the beach steps away from the condo, Morgan began to have a new perspective. “The adrenaline was quick to fade after landing,” Morgan said. “But the eye-opening feeling never left.”