New FCA club at MSHS


Makenzi VerVaecke

FCA members Kate Johnson (11) and Hailey Troxel l(11) want you to join the new MSHS club FCA.

Makenzi VerVaecke, Senior Reporter

Manitou Springs High School’s new club Fellowship of Christian Athletes had their first meeting in October, and since then, the club has been focused on supporting their members and finding people to join. FCA is an international organization that has been around for 60 years and unites faith and athletics through the world of Jesus Christ. 

The club is focused on making positive changes in the MSHS through religion. “My main goals are to create a space for athletes that was not previously at the high school,” club founder Kate Johnson (11) said. “We want to give an opportunity for anyone to learn more about religion and to impact our community and school in a meaningful and positive way.”

Although the club is geared towards athletes, all students are welcome. “FCA is centered around growing in faith through a community of peers to develop leadership skills and strong faith,” Jimmy Morrin, Athletic Trainer at MSHS and club sponsor, said.  “It is not just for athletes, but it is geared towards complimenting athletics and competition.”

FCA member Hailey Troxell (11) is also focused on welcoming students even if they are not athletes. “We aren’t just about being Christian or an athlete. We want to offer support to everyone,” Troxell said. “We want to help our members with integrity and serving others.”

FCA is a place where coaches and athletes can meet and grow their faith together. “Currently the other coaches involved are Coach Stuart Jeck and Coach Brandon DeMatto, but we hope that other coaches come and see what the club is about,” Johnson said. “Their role has been to participate in the meetings and share their perspectives on athletics, since their perspective is different from the athletes.”

All of the members have the same roles in the club. “My role in the club is to support, as an athlete, and as someone who wants to see athletes and students make an impact in their community and lives,” Troxell said. 

The next meeting will be the first Wednesday back from break in Morrin’s room. 

Morrin has high hopes for the club’s future at MSHS. “I am looking forward to seeing this grow here at Manitou,” Morrin said. “We have some awesome athletes leading the charge.”