2022 Winter Sports Preview: Girls’ Swim and Dive


Whitney Nuci

Tyler Parrett (12), Sophie Hymen (12), Grace McCumber (12), Delaney Bartko (12) and Theron Heim (12) are all seniors that have been on the Manitou Springs High School Swim and Dive Team since their freshman year.

Sadie House, Reporter

The Manitou Springs High School Swim and Dive Team is gearing up for a successful, fun-filled season this 2022-2023 school year. Their preseason has already begun, welcoming both new and returning, fresh and experienced swimmers to the lineup.

Whitney Nuci, Head Coach of the MSHS Swim and Dive Team, is excited for the abundance of new swimmers this year and is looking forward to training and helping each individual grow and achieve their personal goals for the season. 

“Swimming is one of those hard sports where we are working as a team, but every individual is completely different,” Nuci said. 

As the team is still currently in their preseason, with the roster of captains yet to be revealed, Nuci has mainly been focusing on the needs of the entire team, refining their endurance. She plans to tailor her coaching more towards individual swimmers and their needs later on in the actual season. 

Regardless of swimming background, the MSHS Swim and Dive Team fosters a tightly knit group both encouraging to each other and dedicated to rising to whatever challenges this upcoming season may bring.

“We take anybody and everybody that’s willing to learn,” Nuci said. “These girls are fantastic about actually being a really good team unit and supporting each other.”

The 2022-2023 season also promises an opportunity for many meets, as well as invitationals, which will bring the Swim and Dive Team to compete against other schools across Colorado. 

“We’re going to see a lot of good teams, even some 5A and 4A teams,” Nuci said. 

While the Swim and Dive Team has eagerly welcomed new team members this season, the seniors continuously provide an anchor within their team, many of them team veterans with accomplished swimming experience. 

Nuci speaks to the integral role of the seniors this year by saying, “They’ve really been focusing on recruiting and building the team.”

Every new season comes with its changes, and no one, apart from Coach Nuci, understands this better than the senior swimmers.

Grace McCumber (12) has been involved with the MSHS Swim and Dive Team since her freshman year and is anticipating her last competition opportunities before she goes to college. 

“We’re mostly a senior team this year,” McCumber said. “We lost one of our best swimmers on our team, but I think we should be good because we have new freshmen.”

Ever a small but mighty force, the MSHS Swim and Dive Team continues to approach each season with vigor.

“Everybody on the team is super committed,” McCumber said of her teammates. 

In the essence of commitment, Sophia Hyman (12), exemplifies team spirit. As well as this season being her fourth consecutive year on the team, Hyman also served as the Swim and Dive Team’s spirit leader last season. Hyman is planning on bringing the same electric enthusiasm and cheerful motivation to the team this year. 

“I just have to make sure I’m really involved with my team,” Hyman said. “Making sure that they’re hyped up and making sure to make connections with other girls outside of Manitou.”

While the Swim and Dive Team excels within their team dynamic, traveling to numerous competitions will bring forth many new experiences and challenges. Ultimately, the MSHS Swim and Dive Team is in for a year of excitement and committed growth, both inside and outside of the team.

“I think that’s what comes with making it, making connections with other coaches and swimmers outside of our team,” Hyman said.