Breaking News: Fugate earns National Merit Semifinalist status


Emily Waite

Elanor Fugate receives 2023 Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Award with Elizabeth Domangue, Anna Conrad, Mike Talbott, Benjamin Mack and Pierce Gillard by her side.

Emily Waite, Editor-in-Chief

On September 14, Manitou Springs High School senior, Elanor Fugate, was announced as one of the semifinalists in the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program. In Colorado, a student needs to obtain at least a 217 selection index score to qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist.

This honor was announced to Fugate’s teachers and peers the morning of September 15. “It is so exciting to have achieved this honor and I’m grateful for everyone who got me to this point,” Fugate said.

Anna Conrad, Interim Principal, made that announcement to MSHS about Fugate’s achievement. “I am extremely proud of Elanor, and all of the folks that supported her along the way,” Conrad said.

Fugate invited a few of her teachers that she thought had impacted her academic career the most to watch her receive this award, including Mike Talbott, Benjamin Mack and Pierce Gillard.

“She just exudes high character, integrity and she is just a kind human being.I can’t think of a more deserving student than Elanor.” ”

— Elizabeth Domangue

Fugate’s teachers all agree she went above and beyond to achieve this honor. “Elanor has prepared most of her life to achieve excellence in her academics,” Talbott said. “She works hard, looks for more challenges and is always looking to do better. She pushes herself.”

Elizabeth Domangue, Manitou Springs School District Superintendent, also attended the announcement. “She just exudes high character, integrity and she is just a kind human being,” Domangue said. “I can’t think of a more deserving student than Elanor.” 

Not only is this an achievement for Fugate, but also for her teachers that have helped to get her to this point. “I am so proud of Elanor, but I am also proud of her parents and our staff that have contributed to her being here today,” Domangue said.

To become a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship, Fugate and a high school official will be required to submit an application that includes her academic record, participation in school and community activities, leadership abilities, employment and all previous awards she has received. “I am just excited to see where I can go with this accomplishment,” Fugate said.